James Irwin : Blue Dust

"James writes twice a day—songs, poems and stories, first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon, always with a coffee. He is working on a book of poems, and a book of stories. He goes on stage after a whiskey, in a red sweater, with a freshly shaven face. He sings sadly and speaks funny" 

James Irwin is Canadian of course (this is fast becoming a blog about Canadian music  with no small emphasis on Montreal). He has previously played with the Montreal band My People Sleeping, Coal Choir from 2007-2009, co-wrote the folk opera Olivia and toured "playing piano and getting drunk in The Milwaukee's Best Band". 

Can I just ask you a rhetorical question, internet? Thanks. Does A Story Told Well  ever let us down?
They do not. ASTW have more beautiful videos from James Irwin and pretty much everyone else you ever wanted to see testing physics on a broken down pier or nesting like a deer in the middle of the woods. Which brings me to another question : to be a respected folk musician, do you have to know just the right spot to bring roving, blogging camera crews when they come knocking?

Mission #1 for the summer: find one such spot in each state I visit while crossing the country (just in case).

Oh Oh! And please check out Bad Panda for a nice write up and interview with Mr. Irwin.

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  1. Wow how pleasurable was that?! Such satisfying art.

    As you head through Colorado you should take a gander at Great Sand Dunes National Park. :)