Alan Jensen. No - Ghostclatter. No - Airglow Picture Show. Whatever you call it, you're going to like it.

Guys, a few days ago I knew next to nothing about Alan Jensen. If Alan Jensen and What I Know About Him had been walking down the street, they would have been walking in opposite directions and never spoken. What I Know About Him would have gone home feeling unfulfilled and a bit stupid for not trying. So What I Know About Him and I got to talking and decided to go for it. 

a) Alan Jensen has three names
    2. (

b) the man with three names is an Undergraduate filmmaker (and part time graphic designer) at University of New Mexico.

c) he was born in 1991.

d) that is all this humble publication knows, however, we feel the below video will be enough to convince you to root for and follow him right into Pitchfork's (or whatever the measure of success is these days) arms.

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